The Secret Garden Party

The Secret Garden Party


The Secret Garden Party is widely regarded as one of the coolest parties on the planet. This event somehow manages to tip-toe the tightrope between a hedonistic fandango of indulgence and euphoria whilst still retaining its expressive sanity. Renowned for its huge level of audience participation and involvement, this one of a kind festival takes over a high summer’s weekend at a Georgian farm in East Anglia that comes complete with a river and lake.

Music-wise, The Secret Garden Party definitely knows how to put on a spread of sound. This is one place where you can catch the melodies of the moment together with an eclectic mix of past sonic glory. Look through previous year’s line ups and you’ll see a commitment to selections that truly take the audience on a musical journey from cool, soothing day-time tones to anthemic, energy charged evenings and nights. Don’t think for a moment that it’s all music and madness either as the event is spliced and spiced with a range of entertainments including some very intellectual fare, such as poetry, old school speaker’s corner style announcements and a whole bunch of clever comedy to keep you amused.

Attractions are multi-faceted across the Secret Garden Party site. From the event’s legendary dress up day, through to flash mob styled happenings, you’ll find your time here absolutely filled to the brim with you had to be there moments - such as the 2012 heart in the sky or the 2009 exploding Tower of Babel. It’s hard to find words to describe the vibe, but at a push we’re going for cultured, inclusive, confident and outrageous – a feeling that the festival organisers have worked hard to keep pure and true since its launch way back in 2004.


Event: The Secret Garden Party 2020
Venue/location: TO BE ANNOUNCED
Price: £130

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Venue info

Address: Mill Hill Field, Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 2PH
Nearest train station: Huntingdon
Capacity: 32000
Camping: Yes
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